The son of Thranduil

A Middle-Earth Tale by AI

Posted by Dogan Askan on February 11, 2018

AI is uprising nowadays. There is no practical limit of what AI can do. So it continues to amaze us each day. I would like to share a Middle-Earth tale with you not from Tolkien but from a machine that read his books multiple times, 100 times precisely. For that machine, reading those books that many times and slightly modifying the weights of 1024 neurons in every batch (i.e. 100 character sequence) took about a few hours thanks to GPU's power. Check this if you want to see what I mean by GPU's power. That machine is my personal laptop where I also wrote this post on.

Let's start and see how it creates a Middle-Earth tale. Bold parts are called prime. The algorithm starts creating new characters after primes. And all prime parts were chosen by me purposely, rest is entirely created by it. I didn't even touch punctuation.

Here we go...

Gandalf the Grey looked them and saw strange times, and still he was a shrewd country of gold. He stood beside him, and he heard tho straight shaff, and the hands of his hand was shivered. And when Shere he could see the sound of wood and an army of hobbit, and hidden in a storm of white fire, as if it was shining and the hills of trees, still like thunder in the world, the sun was sinking. 'Well, here well, I shall not seek him for a moment,' said Frodo. 'We have breakfasted the tale. I will go too much, but the halflings, and so was a great worse. It's no good to be of it for you.' 'Well, I suppose you have been to go with you,' said Frodo. 'Well, I should have been this time or twice in your hands, and I have a stranger that I can see a long time.' 'And what about a tale to see all the treasing of the Company,' said Gimli. 'I am afraid that we have not seen the last start.' Treebeard was silent, and stretched out his sword, but his horses were gravelly. The stars shone for a while, and sat down again. And then the sun shone behind him, and he looked at them. 'The late way, as I see that we seems to be sat and a spread of more shall a fighting of thick and deed. It will go before you welcome. Then I will set a strange peoply.' 'I wish I could see the fire and the stabling stream, as you might say,' said Gimli, 'and his hard riddles are all sorrowful. There is no time to see you back to the Great River, and then we may be a few men. I have been troubled by the Elves at least. But the world is like the low of men on the shore of the Enemy. And if you have all returned, that is a bit of a deep dark thing.' 'Then you shall have to come back to their start,' said Frodo. 'But if I was a shock to set the high-path that was coming over the River and stand in the water -bowls, and all this way ahead. They have a complete place. There is a season of dark trans. That is why they are, and where is the trees, and see her long life and light are beautiful in the world of deep shadow.

If we ignore minor mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation the sentences mostly make sense individually. The integrity is the real problem here. The algorithm keeps only certain number of previous characters in memory before predicting the next one. This causes sentences being completely lost after a few new sentences created. Let's continue with shorter blocks.

Then Treebeard turned and whispered a beaten spring and starless, and took his hand. “Well, here is the dragon, and he is to be destroyed,” he said, “and I will never go. I have not heard that the dwarves have got the river far from the river without a party which they have a long treasure. I do not know their hearts, and there are many other things, and they are still they are there but to starve at the end of a little while, and this is all to lose, and they will be hard and short, as I have seen them. I don’t suppose I could not see him for a long while and which has not been doing. It will be hard and so from a dozen will be fourteen off, and this way indeed, and they are not as well. I don’t suppose I should like it, if you can. I should say that you had been set alone, and then anything to do with the sun is up. But the dragon has gone and still be a good deal of a pool when he is safe again.”

I, sometimes, can't be sure about the mistakes if it's a grammar issue or just Tolkien's artistic language.

Then the dragon wished to go on with them all at last, and he was still sorry for his friends. He had never been all right about to try to see anything worse than the other way. He came to his feet and torn and strange to talk. “What are you thinking of all of thieves,” said he, “what happens!” He still had a sight of angry word, and the dwarves had a place of gold and the stars and a fair place, and of course it was a strange shoulder of the wood. They were all dragged forward to the long land of the Mountain in a wide racket of the sun. The ravens of genelar mornings the stream seemed to blame, still lights in the mountains. The strange stone shouldered the middle of the forest, and the sun sank and the mist gave a stone through the shore.

Let's try to place our hero in the tale.

The son of Thranduil. It was the dark front of the wind in the woods and their fathers had been seen. They were as fair and death. Bilbo stopped and struck his branch away. He was also a little hobbit, this in their masters, and his height shivered, and all a loud halt began to find it from the wall. “Would that goes on for a brief in this precious house on war?” they all looked at him. His heart was bowed away in a deep darkness from the walls. As for Bilbo he held his head and straight up and shut his eyes and standed off in a little webla cry again. At a good way they sat a great beard, and hurried up and down a sheer wind. That is all about it. It would not hinder them and forgotten in any disturbed head at a time, and not a great breakfast of battle to those cheating than he could hold the ride soon by hand. They walked too.

It didn't even care our hero (i.e. prime). The reason is The son of Thranduil takes place only once in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. So it doesn't have enough information to write something about him. It's not smart enough yet to understand he is actually Legolas.

It can even create new words such as webla. I don't think it's a thing in Middle-Earth.


I believe this post provides you some insight what AI can possibly generate in future. It's not scary, is it? Let's embrace it and contribute for a better world.

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